Terms and Conditions

Quotations are based on Specialized Marketing Services, Inc. (SMS), performing all services and providing all products detailed in the quotation unless otherwise stated. If the client agrees to proceed with only part of these services and/or products SMS reserves the right to revise quotations. All pricing is within +/- 10%. If for any reason during production of this job the costs appear to be over 10%, a new quotation will be submitted. A cancellation fee will be assessed and applied to programs/projects that for any reason are cancelled prior to completion. All quotations are valid for thirty (30) days. Any taxes, shipping and handling, delivery and/or rush charges will be additional.

We reserve the right to revise quotations based upon client-directed changes, additions and/or deletions. Any client-directed changes to the project specifications as designated herein may also result in increased creative and production charges, and/or programming, account management or administration charges. Design and copy costs may be re-evaluated upon receipt of final client directives. Design costs include one major revision, and two minor revisions during the development phase. Comps will only be submitted upon agreement that we are awarded the complete project. Comps that are submitted for projects that we are not awarded, will be billed for labor and concept at the appropriate rate, and will remain the exclusive property of SMS. Any stock photography not outlined in the quotation, along with any set ups, clean ups, and/or positioning scans or prints, if needed, will be additional.

Charges will be applied for any electronic or data storage media in order to transport and/or archive art files. All art files will be archived for a period of eighteen months, unless otherwise stated or specified, at which time files will be deleted.

All quotations are valid for thirty days from the date of quotation unless otherwise specified, after which time we reserve the right to re submit our quotation.

Projects will commence upon receipt of your signed agreement and, if applicable, a 50% job deposit.

Any taxes, shipping and handling, shipping materials, delivery and/or rush charges will be additional unless otherwise stated.

All estimated postage and media placement costs are due 100% in advance.

SMS reserves the right to review the client's credit record periodically based on the management's discretion.

Normal credit terms are net ten days. Past due accounts are subject to a late payment finance charge of 1.5% per month on the total past due amount. The client will pay for any charges incurred in the collection of outstanding amounts, including court costs and attorney fees.

In the event of any dispute, all parties agree that they will voluntarily submit to binding arbitration in the State of California by the American Arbitration Association, or any other mutually agreed upon arbitration board, upon which judgment may be obtained and enforced under the laws of any state in the United States. Such arbitration shall be the sole exclusive and final remedy available for any dispute. The prevailing party is also to be awarded all reasonable legal and related costs required to assure the enforcement of this agreement.

By signing quotations you indicate that the execution, delivery and performance of the quotation has been duly authorized by you and your company or organization, making this agreement valid and binding in accordance with its terms. If the specifications on the quotation accurately represent your understanding of the project, and you accept these Terms & Conditions, please sign the quotation to indicate your agreement and return to us as soon as possible.