We're Glad You Made It

Since you’re here, you must be looking for something.
A big idea, a marketing partner, a revenue generator, a strategy dynamo … a solution. And now, you’ve found it. Welcome to SMS.

Who We Are

As a team of integrated marketing solutions experts filled with innovators, intellects, problem-solvers and influencers, we’re driven to deliver. We convert business needs into measurable customer behavior by developing online and offline solutions that engage audiences and trigger action. We build brands and businesses, and have fun doing it.

Founded in 1988, SMS was built to challenge conventional corporate system inertia, and reassemble a marketing chain that was hopelessly disconnected. We created a company that did exactly that — proudly delivering on every link of that chain with complete accountability. As masters of integration, our reach is global. We’ve amassed expertise across the channel spectrum. And when you walk through our doors, we’re ready for whatever you need — from strategic planning, creative and execution through fulfillment and delivery.

We take partnerships seriously and meet challenges with ingenuity and grit. We believe in strategy and fear no technology. We also think service still counts. A lot. And we deeply believe that pragmatism and imagination can co-mingle with dazzling results.

The short and sweet version: We’re smart. We’re nice. And our work works.