Help customers save energy now and in the future by switching to a variable-speed pool pump.


Create a single web repository for pool-pump dealers to find training videos, marketing material and support for pool-pump installation and certification pertaining to SCE's rebate programs. Train + Educate + Support = Energy Conservation.


  • Activity reporting and site analytics
  • Consolidated repository for rebate program information
  • Remote alternative training method
  • Instant access to dealer rebate info
  • Ability to order and customize marketing materials
  • Downloadable images, flyers, email templates, stickers and buckslips
  • Responsive for use on all screen types
  • Keep it simple, only essential elements on screen for the lay user
login screen shot


  • Responsive Design: Bootstrap
  • Client-side: HTML5, CCS3, Javascript, JQuery
  • Language: C#
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Server-side: ASP.Net, Entity Framework (ORM), LINQ